Enables online language learning with sophisticated speech technologies and authentic learning tasks

CommonAcademy is an online portal specially designed for learning language online . The platform supports collaborative peer-to-peer learning through its interactive tools and effective online learning activities. All these translate to better lesson delivery, effective pedagogy and a more authentic learning experience. 

Speech Technologies

Learners can have their speech evaluated instantly with our AI speech engine. They can practice to improve their pronunciation accuracy and fluency. Learners can also input any text and listen to highly accurate speech audio produced by our state-of-the-art Text-to-speech (TTS) engine. Languages supported currently: Chinese Mandarin, Malay and Tamil. English engine will be ready very soon. Stay tuned.


Authentic Learning Tasks and Collaborative Activities

Learners can attempt learning tasks to assess their reading comprehension, speaking, listening and writing. Tasks range from quizzes to authentic settings such as email writing and image/video response. There are also collaborative activities to engage groups of learners in peer-to-peer situation such as collaborative writing, post-it canvas, mindmap and discussion forum.


With CommonAcademy, you can save costs by conducting your language lessons online without compromising on quality. It is SaaS-ready, can be hosted in a scalable cloud or an in-house data centre.

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