Kuwait E-Textbook Pilot Project

CommonTown and the Kuwait Foundation of Advancement of Science (KFAS) have joined forces to launch a collaboration project to pilot test the Vatitude Interactive E-Textbook in up to ten Kuwaiti schools.

Vatitude is a platform designed to deliver textbooks and interactive content in EPUB format, which has been used by major publishing companies in Singapore and Indonesia. With the Vatitude platform, publishers can convert their materials from PDF format to EPUB and embed interactive learning objects in HTML5, video, and audio files. Teachers and students can interact using the E-Textbooks and its tools such as post-it sticky notes, highlighting, doodling, and bookmarking features.

The pilot project will be followed by feedback consolidation from schools, including an online survey on user experience and effectiveness. Based on the feedback, further development and collaboration opportunities will be explored. This pilot project has the potential to pave the way for wider rollouts of the Vatitude Interactive E-Textbook and greater engagement in the future.