Nov: EdTechxAsia 2016

Leveraging the power of adaptive learning: Accelerating Chinese Language learning


Joel Loo, Founder and CEO of CommonTown, was invited to share about adaptive language learning during the EdTechxAsia Thought Leadership Summit. Joel’s talk, titled “Leveraging the power of adaptive learning: Accelerating Chinese Language learning”, touched on the technologies and framework behind the Dudu Personalised Learning System, introducing the various theories and research tools that went into the development of this adaptive system. During the talk, there were discussions with regards to the scalability of the technologies behind the Dudu system to cover other different languages besides Chinese. Adaptive and personalised learning is rapidly becoming the new standard for education, as it enables learners to learn at their own pace, bringing about more effective learning outcomes, and allowing educators to better understand their students' learning needs.

We would like to thank IE Singapore for inviting us to this event in which we were able to reach out to fellow thought leaders in the education technology sphere.

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