Feb: Dudu Forum

On 12 Feb 2016, CommonTown organized its first ever Dudu Forum: 阅读大追踪 - 适性化电子阅读的崭新策略! The Forum served as a platform for the sharing of ideas and positive teaching practices among teachers. The Forum was held at the Singapore Centre for Chinese Language (SCCL) Lecture Theatre.

The Forum was targeted at Chinese teachers who are currently using the Dudu system. The Forum furnished these teachers with valuable information on how to effectively use learning analytics to identify students' strengths and challenges in reading comprehension, and how to use that to help each student improve his/her reading comprehension ability. 

The key speaker of the forum is Dr Tan Chee Lay, Deputy Director of SCCL. Dr Tan's talk gave insights into how teachers can facilitate students' learning of the Chinese language, as well as how to use Dudu to analyse students' reading abilities. On behalf of the CommonTown research team, Joel Loo, CEO of CommonTown, also shed light on the background of Dudu, and how Dudu started. 

It was an enjoyable session for all the participants of the Forum, and CommonTown looks forward to organising more of such events in the future!

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